A Parody of Infinte Jest

Responding to the need for theatrical comedy mash-ups in the Fakespearean genre, Sound & Fury has created "Hamlet & Juliet!"

“5 Stars! Mashes up two of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies into one hell of a Vaudevillian comedy!”

—RipItUp (Adelaide)

“5 Stars! A tale told by three clever American idiots called ‘Sound & Fury’, full of Shakespearian references, signifying everything hilarious!”

—Adelaide Theatre Guide

“4 Stars! Bard mash-up to die for! [An] effortless marriage of high-brow and low-brow humour!”

—The West Australian

“4 Stars! If you like your comedy loose, lewd, crude, and frequently laugh-out-loud funny, here’s your show!”


Fringe faves Sound & Fury™ bring an exercise in short-attention-span Fakespearean theatre: their mash-up of two great tragedies into the wildly comic Hamlet & Juliet!

Hamlet’s father’s ghost (as played by ‘Sean Connery’ - under a bedsheet) tells our hero he has been murdered by Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius, in order to marry Hamlet’s mother and gain the crown. In his sad state, Hamlet’s friend Bernardo convinces him he’ll cheer up by going to the fête planned by Polonius Capulet, to celebrate the impending nuptials. There, Hamlet espies Juliet Capulet, and later falls in love with her when he’s crept into her garden. Which isn’t a euphemism.

Romance, swordplay and nonsense ensue, until the very end, when as expected, everyone dies.

Using many of the classic lines and speeches, along with a healthy amount of farce & updating for modern audiences possibly not familiar with either original play, Hamlet & Juliet teaches that Shakespeare’s works are both accessible and relevant.